How to Play QUILT Bingo

The last time I hosted this, it was so much fun!

Let's say you want to play 5 card of bingo, that means you mail me 5 fat quarters. 5 more people want to play and they all send me 5 fat quarters. It don't have to be 5, it can be 1, 2 or 3, whatever number suits you. That's 30 fat quarters that you "could" win. If you win bingo, I will send you all 30 fat quarters. I will email you your bingo cards, you can print them off and mark them if you wish, or you can save them in word and highlight each number once it's called. I will also keep up with everyone's card and will know when you have Bingo even before you do. haha Any questions, please ask.

I will make a button and post it below, please grab it and link back to this page.

Game is open to EVERYONE, International players welcome!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bingo Cards

I know of 4 people that haven't received their cards.....


(you'll get yours before the day is out, i'm working on them right now)
I just sent everyone's out

If anyone else does not have cards, please let me know.

I got sidetracked last week and want to be sure I haven't missed anyone.

Also, the first person to call Bingo wins them all!  As soon as you have Bingo go to the last # that I called and post it on that post, if two people call it, I'll take the first person.


  1. I haven't gotten mine yet, Tonya. Don't forget me!!!

  2. Tonya, I just found out my DH has NOT mailed my FQs!!! I've had them out for him for over a week. I finally took them and mailed them today. Am I too late?

  3. Tonya, my dufus DH didn't mail my FQs, as I asked him to last week. They were mailed today. Am I too late?