How to Play QUILT Bingo

The last time I hosted this, it was so much fun!

Let's say you want to play 5 card of bingo, that means you mail me 5 fat quarters. 5 more people want to play and they all send me 5 fat quarters. It don't have to be 5, it can be 1, 2 or 3, whatever number suits you. That's 30 fat quarters that you "could" win. If you win bingo, I will send you all 30 fat quarters. I will email you your bingo cards, you can print them off and mark them if you wish, or you can save them in word and highlight each number once it's called. I will also keep up with everyone's card and will know when you have Bingo even before you do. haha Any questions, please ask.

I will make a button and post it below, please grab it and link back to this page.

Game is open to EVERYONE, International players welcome!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

two more...

Q 5


T 74


  1. Shake 'em up please Tonya! Is everyone else still waiting to get numbers on any of their cards? I am....and then on one card I only need 2 numbers for a diagonal I'll still need those same 2 when someone shouts out they've won! Hugs Naomi

  2. Shake them up real well Tonya! My numbers are scattered everywhere lol.

  3. Whew! Glad Beeshebags and Robin posted their comments. I figured I was sitting out here all alone with these blank cards. I feel like such a it too late for me to ask for my five fat quarters back? LOL - just kidding! It's fun anyway to come out here and see what a loser I am. ha,ha

  4. Shake Rattle and Roll em good please!!!

  5. Don't stress Deborah, I'll still be waiting on those same two numbers to be called for a few more rounds of quilt bingo me thinks....I'm not real lucky....but I enjoy playing and the thrill of perhaps winning is an added adrenaline rush! Hugs Naomi

  6. Okay, I know I'm going to jinx myself, but I only need ONE number on one of my cards and I have another card that needs TWO numbers. And Naomi, I'm like you, I'm not real lucky, so I'm not getting my hopes up. But I'm having a blast participating and think this is such a cool idea. Thank you so much Tonya for hosting this QUILT game.

  7. Woo Hoo, wtg it just me, or aren't we getting a number today???? Am not sure if 2 on Saturday means one was for And just to confuse things, it's Monday afternoon here in Australia so I'm already ahead....lmao Hugs Naomi